About Us

With a little something for everyone, Clover Greens is in essence about community.

This cohesive outlook extends from how we view the user experience,
right down to how we view our surroundings. From its very inception,
Clover has been designed to respect the environment. Organic fertilisers and pest control
ensure we don't harm the water table, while a rainwater-fed, centrally connected
irrigation system helps us remain self-sufficient.
All of this makes Clover truly Green, so you can breathe easy and enjoy!

As the consummate recreational club, we have to offer
hassle-free golf (no tee times, no tailing, no waiting), plenty of activities to introduce your
children to sport
, a pool and spa at which to unwind, conference facilities and a Wifi-enabled
Clubhouse, 14 premium rooms for a relaxed getaway, and exceptionally good food.

Feel free to drop by (unannounced) 7 days a week from 6 AM onward,
and contact us for information on Individual or Family Membership packages.