Why is Clover Greens Golf Course and Resort a good choice to learn golf?

Golf is picking up in Indian metros as a challenging sport that builds physical and mental strength, enables time in the fresh air, and develops connections and long friendships. Clover Greens Golf Course and Resort is fast becoming the golf course of choice in Bangalore.

We present 4 reasons to learn Golf at Clover Greens Golf Course and Resort-

1. State-of-the-art Golf course

A golf course is a work of art, with a distinct theme, structure, and style. Clover Greens Golf Course was designed by Australian designer Phil Ryan in 2009, with 18 holes and more than 6200 yards. It is designed to be eco-friendly, without compromising on the playing experience.

The fairway grass is locally sourced and is pest and drought-resistant. All of this imposes a minimal strain on our interconnected, rainwater-harvested, central irrigation lake, from which the whole course is watered. Impeccable maintenance of the golf course which makes it more worthy to learn and play golf at Clover Greens Golf Course and Resort.

2. Golf Academy with access to the golf course

Clover Greens Golf Course and Resort has a golf academy on-site. A fantastic resource for golf professionals, groups both large or small, individual golfers of every skill level, beginners, and juniors. The Clover Greens Golf Academy is dedicated to bringing out the best in you and your golf game. There are several facilities at the academy, including classrooms for nutrition and leadership training, an athletic training facility for recovery and regeneration, and a launch monitor and high-speed camera on the practice range.

In group classes, we ensure a maximum of 6:1 student/teacher ratio. Students receive handouts and instructional materials and have access to all practice facilities, as well as opportunities to practice and play on the course.

3. Rigorous Training Program

Golf training helps players improve their swing and accuracy, and enhances their confidence on the course. To become a better golfer and have strength, training plays a vital role. The Clover Greens Golf Course and Resort offers three different golf training programs: beginner, junior, and advanced.

The Beginner Program is for students playing golf for the first time, the objective of this program is to develop key swing techniques. In this, students will learn about the basic necessities of golf equipment and its uses, rules, and course etiquette.

The beginner program will give the confidence for walking onto the 1st tee and enter the world of golf.

The Junior Program is for junior golfers interested in joining our full-time junior program. It gives the students the chance to live, learn, and train alongside our full-time junior golf students.

The training includes technical training, mental training, fitness & athletic development training, strategy & on-course training, personal growth & leadership training, and tournament play. In this program, the golf coach will travel with our golf team on the weekend and take part in ranked junior golf events and gain experience in the tournament preparation and post-tournament evaluation program.

Advanced Program is for those who already know golf and have experience in golf. This program includes lessons with our certified coaches who use laser ball tracking systems to optimize the golfers’ performance. In this program, the golfers get information about clubhead speed, ball trajectory & launch angle, swing path, ball spin rate, and carry distance.

The participants get access to the golf course as a part of their training, which helps them to experience a real round of golf and to understand the techniques and skills better.

4. Qualified Coaches

Clover Greens Golf Course and Resort has trainers who are certified coaches. The training is provided by our 3 qualified instructors-

  • Anand Kumar is a coach with an ADM certification and a certified teaching professional.
  • Karan Rao, is a Callaway golf teaching professional, Callaway certified club fitter, superspeed golf level 3 instructor, ADM certified, advanced ball flight specialist, eureka golf swing authorised instructor, and golf certified instructor.
  • Taarak Raam, is a coach with NGAI B, NGAI C, NGAI D and IGTF level 3 certification

For playing and learning golf, Clover Greens Golf Course and Resort is a worthwhile place to explore. You will not only get to play a fantastic round of golf, but you will also learn more about the game and its techniques from our qualified instructors. To know more about the Clover Greens Golf Course and Resort, visit www.clovergreens.com.

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